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Portable Classic Digital LCD Display MP3 Player AM FM SW 3 Bands Handel Bluetooth DAB/DAB+Radio

  • Product Item : VX-1919
  • Views:1334
  • FM:87.5-108MHZ
  • Custom LOGO: Available
  • Function:USB/TF MP3 PLAYER
  • Product description:Eletree is the TOP DAB Radio Manufacturer in China. We have produced a huge range of multifunctional DAB+ radios since 2008.
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About This Radio
 * DAB/FM DIGITAL RADIO: Compact radio with high quality sound for all your favourit DAB radio or FM radio stations on the go
 * MAINS POWERED AND PORTABLE: This office radio can be powered by mains or batteries, making it perfect for use in the kitchen, office and many other places.
 * SLEEP TIMER AND 20 PRESETS: Much more than just a portable radio with lots of useful features including sleep timer and 10 DAB presets and 10 FM presets, headphone output and automatic clock.

 * LCD DISPLAY SCREEN: LCD display screen with DAB/FM station and real time current playing track information

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